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SharePoint's in our blood

Back in 2001, when SharePoint was first launched in Germany, we were there and had already developed SharePoint applications for Microsoft. Since then, we've been working with large companies in all areas of SharePoint.


Products for Microsoft SharePoint

Wiki Extensions

Create and share content effectively.

Use the Wiki Extensions to write knowledge bases and documentation, then export to PDF to share with customers and partners.


Save SharePoint Sites to disk

Export whole SharePoint sites, allowing you to view documents and list information without installing anything on the server or requiring special software afterwards.


Analyze and Compare your SharePoint Servers

Keep an eye on your SharePoint servers - monitor solutions, features, files and more. Download the free LITE version today. No installation required!


Export SharePoint lists to PDF

Use List2PDF to save SharePoint lists as PDF files. The PDFs are pre-formatted to make them easier to read and ignore navigation elements like the quick launch.

SharePoint 2013

SharePoint Conference

More and more organizations are making the switch to SharePoint 2013, and we have just the tools to make your life easier and increase your team's productivity. Migrations are a great time to add new software as they help "sell" the new system internally. So why not try out some of our products?