Important notice for users of the beta

We are using the new Microsoft Graph-technology for our BlueBridge Glossary for MS Teams. But unfortunately Microsoft does not offer a working interface for creating a custom list using Microsoft Graph yet. Until then you need to manually create the list in SharePoint before adding the glossary to your team channel or use the BlueBridge Glossary Webpart for SPFx to let it create the list for you.

Instructions (manually)

  • go to the files tab in one of the channels
  • click button "Open in SharePoint"
  • use "Site Contents" link and crate a new custom list
  • add column called "bbGlossaryDefinition" (multiple lines of text - rich text)
  • add column called "bbGlossarySynonyms" (multiple lines of text - plain text)

Add a new glossary tab

After you have successfully added the BlueBridge Glossary for MS Teams to your team, you can add a new tab including the glossary to your channels. Navigate to the respective channel and click the plus sign.

Select the glossary from the list of available apps and accept the license agreements. The settings of your glossary will open up in a window automatically. In the section "Data" you can select one of the already existing glossary lists or create a new list directly from your client application or your browser showing MS Teams (not available in the first beta). Further customization options will be explained in the user manual. Click save to close the settings window, then you can start using the BlueBridge Glossary for MS Teams.

User Manual