Simple Q and A bot

At the moment we are trying to find out the advantages and disadvantages of the bots available in Microsoft Azure. Our first test is a simple Q and A bot for our BlueBridge Wiki Extensions. The initial data came from our Wiki Extensions FAQ page.

It is pretty easy to create a Q and A bot using Microsoft Azure and the Microsoft QnA Maker Homepage. A short guide on how to create such a bot will be available soon. A great feature of the QnA Maker is you can feed the bot with an existing file containing the pairs of questions and answers or link to a webpage with the FAQ data. Later on you can edit the questions and answers at the QnA Maker Homepage and retrain the bot. It is also possible to test the bot and tell him which answers would be best fitting for appearing questions.

Test the bot

You can test the preview/test of the bot below. To start the conversation, simply enter 'Hi' to the text field.