Keep an Eye on Things

How long does it take you to find out key information about your server? Do you find yourself jumping back and forth between the Central Administration and the Web Server Extensions folder to find what you're looking for? With BlueBridge ServerAnalyzer all you need is a few clicks to generate one single, easy-to-read SharePoint server report, including information on Solutions, Features, Site Templates, Files and much more.

This is all available in the free LITE Edition:

SharePoint Server Overview

The Consultant Edition and Enterprise Edition additionally offer you the ability to compare servers with other. This is espeically useful for troubleshooting, preparing for a migration or comparing version numbers of various components.

Quick and Easy Navigation

The visual reports make it easy to find the information you are looking for quickly and easily. Simply click on the links on the left to show the relevant report and select the individual items to view more detailed information.

The Smart Filter will help you limit your search, e.g. to show solutions from a specific company:

Quick and Easy Navigation

No installation necessary

All the components in ServerAnalyzer LITE and ServerAnalyzer Consultant Edition are stand-alone applications and do not require any installation. An HTML Application (.hta) is also included to help you navigate around the analysis, so no additional software is required.

Compare Two Servers

The Consultant Edition and Enterprise Edition include our Compare Tool. This can be incredibly useful in a number of scenarios:

  • Troubleshoot a SharePoint Server by comparing it with one that is working
  • Find differences between your Production and Test environments
  • Check source and destination servers when migrating

ServerAnalyzer Compare will analyze and show differences in configurations, versions, names and much more.

Compare servers with each other