Maintaining the BlueBridge Glossary Webpart

Take a look on how to use the BlueBridge Glossary Webpart.

Adding a glossary entry

To add a new glossary entry containing of a term, a description and maybe synonyms, follow these instructions:

  • Click the "+ Add term" button
  • Enter the term and its definition. If available you can also add synonyms in the respective field .
  • To save the entry, click the OK button.

Editing a glossary entry

To edit an existing entry, click on the edit icon next to the title of the respective entry. A form similar to the form for adding an entry will appear and allow you to edit the existing values. Click the OK button to save your changes.

Deleteing a glossary entry

To delete a wrong entry, click the edit icon as if you'd like to edit the entry. On the bottom of the form you will find a "Delete" button to remove the entry from the list of available glossary entries..

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