Prepare your installation

You need to allow side loads in teams from the central administration of your Office 365 tenant.

Prerequisite: You need administrator permissions in your Office 365 tenant. The first step for a successfull installation of the BlueBridge Glossary is to allow side loading apps in MS Teams. To do so, you need to navigate to any Office 365 page and click on the icon in the upper left-hand corner to open the list of available apps and click the Admin tile.

In the left-hand side navigation look for the menu group "Settings" and click on the "Services & add-ins" link below.
Click the "Microsoft Teams" link to open up the settings. Open up the section "Apps" and set "Allow external apps in Microsoft Teams" and "Allow sideloading of external apps" to "On".
Save your changes to finish the first step of the installation.

Installation Guide

The following articles show you how to manually install (sideload) the BlueBridge Glossary for MS Teams from your client application. You can also directly add the BlueBridge Glossary for MS Teams from within the Teams Store, which will be explained here.

User Manual