Optimised for Printing

Of course you could just use Ctrl+P to print off SharePoint pages or even take a screenshot of the most important content. But in these cases, the SharePoint navigation normally clutters up the printout and the formatting is often ruined.

BlueBridge List2PDF saves the data in such a way that they can be distributed easily:

  • Column titles are automatically repeated at the top of each exported page
  • Zebra stripe formatting for the table rows
  • Irrelevant content such as navigation and menus are not exported
  • Important information is displayed in the exports' header and footer areas

Custom Formatting

The out-of-the box formatting will be enough for most cases, and adding your company logo to the top-right corner is no problem.

If you have more complicated requirements in terms of formatting, then we can program an XSLT transformation for you. Note that we can only offer this as a development project.

Customising the formatting allows us to define font sizes, margins and colours, which means that you can fulfil your corporate design requirements.

Select the Relevant Content to Export

By default, the current SharePoint view will be exported. You can, however, define a different view to be exported.

Almost all column types are supported, including rich text, pictures and calculated fields.

Irrelevant content (such as the SharePoint navigation or menus) are not included in the export.


In some lists, the information is updated constantly. Use List2PDF in order to create weekly or monthly snapshots of the data. You can, of course, upload these PDFs back into a SharePoint library to keep track of how the data has changed over time.

External Partners

Use BlueBridge List2PDF to prepare task lists for your external partners. This saves you the hassle of exporting the list to Excel, formatting it nicely and then printing it out.

With List2PDF you save time and inconvenience, and can give the list directly to your partners.

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