Deploy the webpart to the App Catalog

Upload the solution to your App Catalog and confirm the deployment.

After you have doublechecked your App Catalog is already available as described in the first article of the installation guide, you can navigate to the App Catalog. To add the BlueBridge Glossary Webpart solution, you need to click on the first tile "Distribute apps for SharePoint" or on the "Apps for SharePoint" link in the left-hand side navigation.

Download the BlueBridge Glossary Webpart from the download section on our homepage. Upload the solution (sppkg file) to the "Apps for SharePoint" library, e.g. via drag and drop to install the client-side solution.
A pop-up will ask you for your confirmation to deploy the solution to your Office 365 tenant. Click on "Deploy" to finish the first step of the installation of the BlueBridge Glossary Webpart.
Afterwards, you can add the BlueBridge Glossary Webpart to your SharePoint site as described in the next article.

Installation Guide

The following articles show you how to install the BlueBridge Glossary Webpart to your SharePoint site.

Further Information

User Manual