Prepare your installation

If not available you need to create a new App Catalog site collection.

To add a client-side solution to your Office 365 tenant, you first need to make sure your App Catalog is available. If it was not created yet, you need to add it to your Office 365. In both cases, you need to go to the Admin portal of your Office 365 tenant and open the section "Admin Center" from the left-hand side navigation menu. Click on "SharePoint" to get forwarded to the "SharePoint Admin Center".

Click on the menu entry "Apps" in the navigation. The first entry then is related to the "App Catalog", click on it. In case the App Catalog was not created before, you will find the possibility to create a new "App Catalog Site Collection", otherwise you will be directly forwarded to the App Catalog.

Installation Guide

The following articles show you how to install the BlueBridge Glossary Webpart to your SharePoint site.

Further Information

User Manual